Trilian not working anymore

now it should be ok…

Ehm, no…nothing arrived, yet

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the address is right, no?

Yes, correct.

Ah, just now it arrived :smiley:

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And just sent back to you…

thanx Ulf,

the same problem:
Dorico (547.5 KB)

No sorry…both plugins are still not loaded when opening the file, but now I can replace them which was not possible before

What did you change?

What happens exactly when you load my stripped version? And you can’t reapply a playback template on that?

still this:
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…but I can re-assign them now

Yes, the “EZDrummer” comes still from the Dorico project data. And I just deleted the audio engine part.

But is it okay now for you, now that you can reassign?

yes…of course it would be better if it would be directly there but thanx so much :slight_smile:

And will I have the same problem with other files and other compositions?
Is there a workaround?

Can you axplain to me, what I have to do to be able to re-assign in other files please?

I can tell you what I did with the project. It’s not so complicated. Do you want to know?

Yes please…I guess I’ll have the same problems again with other compos…

Okay, here we go:

  • A Dorico project is a zip file just with the ending .dorico instead of .zip
  • First you unpack the Dorico project with some tool, I use 7zip on Windows, that does not ask for file endings and just does the job.
  • Once unpacked you see the subfolder supplementary_data, and from that folder you delete the subfolder vstaudioengine. Almost done
  • Go back one level so that you see the folders supplementary_data and META-INF and the two files score.dtn and scorelibrary.dtn
  • Select those 4 items and zip it up again. With 7zip you can zip it up straight to .dorico, other utilities might force you to .zip, in that case you need to manually rename the file ending

Thanx Ulf,
i’ll try that next week (I have a deadline). I’m on OS X - I first have to find an equivalent programme to unzip.
Do you think you guys can solve the problem in one of the following updates without one has to do all that?

Maybe I can write a little script which does the job.

Because, to be honest, I have no idea why that happens there with you in first place; it’s totally weird.
Btw, that project you’ve sent me was created in Dorico 3 (that’s what Dorico said during loading.)

I’d love to fix the issue but then I’d first need to understand why and what happens.

Ok - it would be great Ulf…if you need more files just tell me :smile:

Could it be a soundcard problem? I had some issues with my ‘Nuberts’ and Dorico and its audio-engine before…but in 95% everything works fine between these 2…

Yes, I was thinking about that it was an older version - it’s a quite old compo…Dorico 3 or 3.5 - of course you are right…sorry for the ‘Dorico 4.0 information’.

Hi, I’ve now created a little script for Mac which can strip the VSTAudioEngine chunk from a Dorico project file. It’s pretty simple, you unpack the attached zip file, and put the shell script somewhere on your computer, e.g. the Desktop. Then you open a Terminal window and drag and drop that script to the Terminal and hit enter. You get asked to type in the path to the Dorico file and hit enter again and within a second the job is done. But for security , better make a backup copy of the project file before processing. (466 Bytes)

Edit: And for the Windows folks, here a batch script, which does the same and has the same usage. Only thing is, you first need to install the free utility 7zip and instead of Terminal you call the Command Prompt window.

VAEChunkStripper batch (483 Bytes)


Ulf, you are the best !

Thank you so much.
Unbelievable your support out there. The best ever…