Trill alteration display

Hi there,

I have a passage in minor trills.
In the score, the alterations are hidden since the piece indications specify that the trills are always minor.
However, in the parts, the hidden alterations reappear weirdly as major trills even if the playback does play minor trills.

Is this a bug or something I don’t get right?

I believe the relevant property for hiding trill interval accidentals is local - that means if your property scope is set to Locally, it only takes effect in the current layout and frame chain (so doesn’t affect the part if you do that in the score). You can either change the property scope to Globally (on the right edge of the Properties panel) and reset the property, or select the trill in the score/where it looks correct and choose Edit>Propagate Properties.

Hi Lillie,
Hiding the alteration is not the problem, locally or globally. What I don’t understand is how come a trill I’ve set as minor in the score shows up major in the part? This can only be global.

Odd - sorry, I did read that that was the issue but wondered if it was the hiding property instead, as yes the interval property should be global always. What happens when you change the interval and change it back? Can you shared a cut-down version of the project that still demonstrates the problem, in case there’s something specific going on?