Trill Collisions and Strange Remedy


this is something that has happened to me from time to time on various occasions, so now I think it is time to write something here about it.

I printed mys score, and found a few strange collisions with trills. See images - first image is in bar 92 and second image is in bar 108.

I tried resetting appearance and position, nothing happened.
But, when I delete the trill in bar 92, the trills in 108 go to their correct positions. When I undo the deletion of the trill in 92, it appears again, but also in the right position.

This has happened also with trill-lines, collisions of rehearsal marks and tempo marks: I delete, and undo. All is fine.

However, as it is a bit annoying not to be able to trust that the markings stay in their proper positions I wanted to post this here. Maybe someone else is experiencing the same and has a solution to it.

collision 2.PNG

Same with slurs…

same with slurs.gif

…and the story continues. I go on editing, I go back and find that previous edits are back to wrong again.
Arrgh. Suddenly it feels like I am working with Finale. What is going on?

A few more examples, all solved by deleting the contents of the bar and undoing. Sometimes the delete will affect also other bars, other times not. The multiple hairpins appeared after an undo. They were not there before…

I am not losing hope, but this is really very worrying. If I cannot trust the program, the time I save using Dorico will soon be wasted on checking and checking again.

OK, I found something.

I am editing a viola part, page spread 8-9. I want to make more place on page 8, so I drag the bottom of the blue music frame down. On doing that, the slurs on page 9 go out of position.

I switch to another part to see if something happened there also, but nothing. When I go back to the viola slurs are again in correct position.


Just out of curiosity (Daniel would want to know anyway) are these all original projects or are they XML imports? If they are imports, have you reset the appearance of all the components? (to allow them to do default behaviors)

You obviously have multiple flows. If you add breaks (or pages) to one flow of a layout, there is a bug which affects the staff spacing on other flows in a way that creates those collisions. Although switching layouts back and forth will often fix the problem, it may not always work, especially if you have a lot of flows. I reported this bug in early April and it was corrected within a few days. The problem will disappear once we get 1.1

The project consists of several flows, where at least two come from xml imports. The way I do it though, is to import the xml, clean it up with all the resetting there is, and then copy it into a flow in the “real” document where I am rearranging or finalizing in some way. The problem appears randomly (seemingly) in all the flows.

Thanks, good to know - but apparently also other edits to frames will provoke this bug, in my case the mere resizing of a frame.

Yes, we’re sorry for the inconvenience caused by this problem. I can confirm that it is definitely resolved in the upcoming 1.1 update and will not trouble you further.