Trill extension line options

I have a problem understanding the option for the “End position for trill extension line” in the Engraving option panel.
If the “Exclude duration of final notehead” is chosen, why I have two different results, the note at the end of the measure has a long trill line, while the following note has a very short one.

It looks like your second trill line is just not as long as the note. Select it and see where the end-handle appears. ShiftAlt (or drag the handle) to extend it.

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I tried that, but it happens a strange and unpredictable thing to me. The trill line goes above the next note and there is no way I can make it stop before.

What’s your rhythmic grid?

It is a 16th note.
I noticed that the dotted red line, while doing OPTION SHIFT Left/Righ arrow, moves but not the wavy line.

That’s weird… Can you cit down your project to this bar and share it?

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Sure, thank you. (659.5 KB)

Curious. If I import your flow into another project, normal behaviour is restored.

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It’s because the Engraving Option “End position for trill extension line” is set to “Exclude duration of final notehead”.

I find the implications of this setting obscure to say the least. Especially for a trill that only has one notehead.

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Thank you, I’ll try as soon as I am back. Anyway since Dorico 4 I’ve been working on the cloud, could that be part of the problem?
In fact when I opened the project, saved with a different name and trimmed out the non-trilling parts, it crashed.

I don’t think so, see my first screenshot where the first note is ok.

  • Whether or not a line is shown is controlled by the Extension line for trills option

  • Where trill extension lines on tie chains end, if shown, is controlled by the End position for trill extension line option

(I believe)

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