Trill interval not accessible immediately

Dear fellow Doricians,
I am experiencing a quite bizarre behavior here, working on a string quintet… There are some trills notated, and the default interval is not the right one. I select the trill marking, check the properties panel, and… interval is missing.

I switch to Engrave mode, and back to Write mode and… the interval is there.

This cannot be the intended behaviour, can it ? I don’t remember ever reading about this bug…

Could you pleas be a bit more specific with the problem you are experiencing? (The two screenshots seems identical for me in terms of the property settings). It’s not quite obvious what’s the note the trill is on and what is the actual/expected interval.

Off the top of my head the only ‘quirk’ I remember is that in case of atonal key signature the trill interval is always a major second even if you expect a minor one, so a trill on an E would be an E-F# trill despite there is no accidentals in the key signature.

I think Marc was pretty clear. Look harder:

Hi András.
I guess I should have edited my screenshots : If you watch carefully the middle of the third column, you’ll notice that Interval is missing in the first screenshot.
I actually just noticed that, if I activate the Show accidental property, select that accidental, then Interval is there too (and no need to toggle with Engrave mode). I just thought a little bit of feedback on that behaviour could help the team :wink:

Apologies, it’s my mistake, I haven’t spot the difference. This is something I saw only once, and I wasn’t able to reproduce it yet.

For what it’s worth, I have experienced the same thing as Marc every time I’ve notated a trill (though I discovered the “show accidental” workaround before I discovered the switch to Engrave mode workaround).

In case it’s relevant in tracking the problem down, I’m also on Mac OS X (though I’m on 10.12 whereas Marc is on 10.13). Perhaps it’s Mac-specific for some reason?

p.s. in case helpful: In my experience, if your piece contains many trills, it’s easier (quicker) to copy and paste existing trills onto new notes, rather than the workarounds mentioned above. Pasted trills have retained properties such as interval size and “show accidental” etc., every time I’ve tried it so far.

I’ve seen this as well.

You seem to get the interval property more reliably if you click on the score where the accidental would be, even if it’s not displayed in the score, rather than clicking on the middle of the “tr”.

In the Properties panel, activate Interval in the Trills group.

It seems, this bug has not been fixed yet; I tried very hard to find or get the “Interval” Property for my trills - I would like to change the trill on e’ to playback with f’ rather than f#:

Confirmed. It happens many times…

IIRC you can access it by switching between write and Engrave mode… (Well, that is the last sentence of the #1 post)

I remember a thread around a year ago where it was stated that you need to click around where the accidental would be if there was one – generally a bit higher and to the right of the trill. But simply clicking on the trill for a second time nearly always works so, although I’d also describe it as a bug, it’s not really a problem once you know what to do.

If I remember correctly, András has fixed this problem since the last time this thread was surfaced, so it should be resolved in future versions of the software.

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