Trill Issue: Can't input via tech. menu

For some reason Dorico Pro 5 won’t let me input a Trill chosen from the techniques’ menu, and ONLY let’s me input it using the Shift+O key command.
Why is this happening?

Trill is an ornament, not a playing technique, in Dorico’s jargon. So use the ornaments panel (and choose the appropriate trill, because there are different flavors…)

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My apologies; I used the wrong term. I meant to say the ornament panel. It doesn’t work.

This is certainly not expected. I’ll try it when I get a chance… Thanks for sharing this.

See this earlier thread:


Sorry I’ve been offline for a while, but just to say, the latest version of Dorico (5.0.20), which I installed just a few days ago, has fixed my trill bug.

So we are all sorted - thanks for your inputs, everyone! :slight_smile: