Trill leaks backward onto previous appoggiatura

I have a note with a trill and an appoggiatura before it. In Dorico 3.5 and before this played back correctly but now the appoggiatura is trilled as well as the main note. I haven’t been able to adjust the length of the trill line to avoid this; the trill does look as if it’s attached to the main note.

Could you attach a simple example that shows this going wrong. I tried something like this:


But for me this plays the same way in v4 as in v3.5.

I wrote a flow that as far as I can tell exactly matches what you have written in your example and for me it plays back as a whole-note A, a half-note B trilled, and a half-note A trilled.

Every single instance like this in a lengthy file with 5 baroque sonatas in it exhibits the same behavior.

If I slash the grace note, then the problem goes away, though of course the grace note plays back very short. Playback isn’t essential for this project, but I do think I’ve found a bug.

Version (Jan 5 2022)
Dorico 4 AudioEngine Version
Mac Mini M1 2020
Mac OS 11.6

Could you post your example project here?

Hope this works, didn’t know how else to post this.
Also, as noted in the file, it turns out that even the slashed grace note is trilled; you can hear it by clicking on the grace note in Write mode, or, presumably, if you play the file back slowly enough.

Ah, ok I see now. The reason you are getting different results from me is that you are using the solo violin patch, for which the trill is being triggered via a keyswitch within HSO itself, whereas I was using a piano, for which the trill is being generated by Dorico. The underlying problem isn’t actually with trills - the problem is that Dorico currently does not have a way of aligning playback regions to take account of grace notes.

As a workaround, you can use the “Force generated trill” property in the appoggiatura case, or turn off generated trills entirely.

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That did it. I’m curious about why it just showed up when I upgraded to D4; could it be because I was using Note Performer before but have had to switch to HSO?

I think that would be it - I don’t think NotePerformer has a separate patch for trills so it will have been using the notes generated by Dorico.