Trill lines and grace notes

See image –


The trill line does note take the grace notes set to “Before barline” in account. In the score I did not even notice, but in the parts, with tighter spacing, I had to adjust them all manually.

Something to incorporate for drawing of trill lines?

In this case, one could just hide the continuation line.

Sure, but in this particular case I must follow the notation of the source. 9/8, dotted quarter with trill and line, grace notes.

I understand, but then (considering your example) you are “moving the goal posts.”

Of course! So here is a sample from the real thing:

Actually it is not only with the grace notes before barline that this occurs, it is with all grace notes and not consistent. No player would misunderstand the notation, but it does look better with the correct trill line length:

This one is adjusted with manual note spacing in engrave mode. Sometimes it is possible to adjust lengths of the trill lines in Write mode, but then extra space is added and other complications arise. As you see I did not even succeed very well here, the 2nd and 3rd bar are not yet as the should. Another way would be to increase spacing and split the system in two.
trillinesgrace.dorico (891.8 KB)