Trill notation

I’m having a new problem with trill notation. I’m using 4.3 (Mac M1Ultra Studio, Ventura). In the past, I have set trills with the Properties values, mostly minor second trills with auxiliary note in parentheses, and it’s been fine. No problem. Today, however, when I set the trill interval to minor second, the auxiliary appears correctly briefly, but then reverts to a major second, finally coming to rest with the interval slider blank as if I hadn’t tried it. Anybody else have this problem? or is my setup somehow? TIA.

It’s working normally for me (MacOS 10.14). Is this happening on a particular note, or multiple places you try it? Does the same thing happen in a fresh file?

I suspect some interaction with other software.

Thanks, Mark. I cleaned out my LogIn items, restarted and tried again. Taking your suggestion, I tried entering trills with other notes. They worked fine, so it’s just that one note (so far). Interesting.

Have you actually set a key signature?

I recently forgot to set a key of C, and I couldn’t work out why trills on E and B were trilling whole tones!

Thanks for answering. The project is atonal. I did find that the same trill worked fine in another part from the same score file. Weird.

As ever, without seeing the actual project file, we’re just guessing.