Trill Playback Stopping Early When Fermata is Attached

Hello! I have measure that contains trilling strings on a note with a fermata attached. It’s my understanding that playback trills and unmeasured tremolos is negatively affected by tempo changes, such as those provided by fermatas.

In order to alleviate this issue, I have suppressed the playback of the fermata and added a tempo change right before the note so that the tempo is static throughout the duration of the note. However, when the fermata is attached, playback of the trills always stops early–even when fermata playback is suppressed. When I remove the fermata, playback performs as expected.

I wanted to flag this and see if there was a good solution or workaround? I have attached the offending measure extracted from the project in the file below. I am using NotePerformer 4.3

Thank you!

fermataglitch.dorico (1.1 MB)

Welcome to the forum. I suspect you are using Dorico 5.1, in which case you should go to Library > Playback Options > Timing > Pauses and uncheck Play back pauses. This is a workaround which should not be necessary if playback of the fermata is suppressed.