Trill playback in 2.2 Setup:

String Quartet, 4 measures, 4 tied whole notes for each voice.

On playback, the trills work great but do not sustain for the 4 measures without a break.
The trills stop after beat 4 of each measure, then re start on beat 1 of the next measure.
Is there a way of linking the ties and trills to sustain for the full 4 measures?

Thanks in advance.

Simon Jutras

I can’t reproduce this with the default settings. Is it possible that the notes are not tied but slurred together? If that’s not the case can you attach please a minimal example that shows the problem?

On the subject of trill playback: for notes that are slurred into, my trills either don’t play or they play a manufactured trill instead of the sound sample.

Listen to the audio here.

Notice that only the first trill plays properly (i.e. it employs my EastWest Symphonic Orchestra sample). The second trill doesn’t play at all, and the third trill is “faked” by Dorico’s playback engine.

If I don’t slur into the trills, they all play as they should.

I believe the reason the trills don’t play is because Dorico ends up looking for pt.legato+pt.trill.half or pt.legato+pt.trill.whole, and I imagine those combinations don’t exist in your expression map. Try adding those specific combinations, and hopefully you’ll find the trills start playing back.

That did the trick, Daniel! Thank you.

Daniel, does this mean Dorico now handles multiple articulations at once? there’s a note on the noteperformer site about this (e.g. slur + mute, slur + accent, etc) not being supported. Maybe this was never the case? I wonder if there is an order-dependency?

This is something that I believe Arne is looking into.