Trill question

Hi all, I have a note that trills with different notes along the way and I wish to indicate a moment when it is back to normal but I can not find the way to indicate the [e] at this specific point. (see picture)



This may be due to the notes being tied, even if I don’t understand how you managed to get two different trilling notes before…
If this is the case, though, maybe untie the last two notes and use a slur with careful design in Engrave Mode.

Unusual and hard to read. Perhaps notate it more explicitly? Seeing that, I would have no idea what it meant. [Sorry!] Technically D to F is not a but a tremolo.

You may find this discussion pertinent:

In contemporary music this notation is quite usual for trills as well, even if technically yes they are tremolos.

Does this work in your situation?

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