trills accidental notation

I find that it can be confusing still in which interval a trill should be played, even when using a natural, sharp or flat symbol in the trill as shown in the screenshot. I like the approach of writing the steps instead as can be done in Sibelius. Is there a way of doing this in Dorico? So writing 1/2 or 1 instead of the accidental symbols?
Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 17.13.36.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 09.44.02.png

No, at the moment there’s no good way to do this. You could add the interval using a text item that you position manually, but that’s about it.

If Andre allows: rather than this, I’d like to lobby for a native way to specify auxiliary notes, which can of course be used to specify notes in trills like Andre wishes but are also useful in other contexts.

Totally agree with LSalgueiro. Common practice in contemporary composition to specify the actual trilling pitch. I’d also like to stress the fact that the interval one can specify in Dorico is misleading: and interval of 1 on a base pitch B would equal C natural. Well, the trill places a flat above which means C flat, a unison with B. Very confusing! Plus trills do not playback…

The current state of the ‘Interval’ property is temporary: until such time as trills can properly calculate the accidental they should show based on the prevailing state, this is simply a means of getting an accidental to appear. This is something that we will handle properly as soon as it’s practical to do so.

Using a 1/2 glyph as a custom playing technique works well too. It goes above, but looks great and does not require any fiddling with position