Trills not performed after moving notes one staff up

I’m engraving a harpsichord piece. I inserted a trill (Shift-O, ‘trill’) as displayed here: 2021-02-10
However, I decided to move 4 last notes of the second-to-bottom voice to the upper staff. I selected the four notes, pressed ‘N’ and while the notes have indeed moved, the trill symbol moved lower and the trill itself is not performed [I’m using NotePerformer with the latest Dorico]. 2021-02-10 (1)
Moreover, when I delete the trill and create a new one after selecting the ‘e’ note and entering Shift-O ‘trill’, the ‘tr’ symbol appears in the place from which I just deleted it, and the trill itself still isn’t performed.

What am I doing wrong?

If I recall correctly, trills (as well as ornaments and probably playing techniques) don’t support being attached to a note that is crossed to the other staff of grand staff instruments. What you can do is to create those last three notes on the right hand staff and then add the trill.

Thank you, I will do that.