Trills out of nowhere

Hello, I experience an unusual behaviour in one project, created with Dorico’s most recent version.
I have strings (sections) and bassoons.
I like to check the music by playing it back. The strings sound very muddy, not clear enough to check for mistakes.
Now: I go into Play Mode and change the string sections to be played back by solo players (Violin Solo Combi) etc.
Now something weird happens, when I playback: yes, it is much clearer to listen to, but everywhere, where there is a slur between two notes, I get a distinct playback of slow trills. Why does this happen?
This is an example file:
Prélude -Lieux funestes-.dorico (3.0 MB)

Try changing the Playback Template to something other than what is currently selected, Apply and close, then go through the same procedure and change it back to what it was originally.

You are mixing up Iconica Sketch and HSO instruments, and have managed to get HSO instruments using the Iconica expression map.

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Janus, you are right. I still don’t know, why this happened, I never touched any expression maps or it’s settings, just changed the instruments…

It would be interesting to know, what these very slow trills were in the first place, and how they got triggered…

This is now the fixed file:
Prélude -Lieux funestes-.dorico (1.9 MB)

If you change instruments in the VST (Halion) then you should change the expression map in Play.
If you change instruments in Setup, the Dorico will apply the expression map change for you (but of course to swap from section to solo you would need to create the solo player first)

I guess it was a bad idea to leave the strings as sections (what they are in this case) and only change the playback - I did it in Play Mode by clicking onto the squint „E“. That’s about all my knowledge when it comes to Play Mode…
Next time I will change the playback sound to Yamaha Piano. It is quite good for checking for notation errors.