Trills, rests and legato

Hi DP pros,
I’ve got 3 questions.
1.) Is it possible to have an additionel legato bow for the upper notes without creating a 2nd voice?

2.) Where can I get rid of the tacet and have empty bars?

3.) Why doesn’t DP play these trills (see trills jpg)?
Trill 2 is played.

Trill 2

For #1, yes. With the notes highlighted, press S, then F. This activates “Direction” under “Slurs” in the bottom panel.

For #2, go to Engraving Options > Rests > Multi-bar rests > Appearance > Multi-bar rests that extend to the end of the flow. Alternately if you want no multi-bar rests in the layout, go to Layout Options > Players > Bar rests… and choose Consolidate: None.

For no. 3 - the mordent symbols are ornaments, which aren’t played back. Trills specifically (ie with the “tr” sign and optionally wiggly extension line etc) are played back.

For reference, here’s the relevant page for no. 2 in the manual.

#3: for any ornament I find useful writing it according to the style on an added staff, then removed:

(And suppressing playback of unneeded notes)