Trills with expression map


Maybe it’s something easy to be done but right now I can’t seem to find an answer.

I’m using my spitfire libraries to work with Dorico. I prepared my Exp Map in Cubase and imported. Now, like many other libraries, I have half step trill and whole step trill on two different key switches.

I’ve seen in Dorico’s presets Exp Maps that I have to type pt.trill.half and pt.trill.whole, but I’m not able to add that kind of text.

Any way around this?

Trill playback has not been implemented yet.


Ok, sorry for bothering :smiley:

Does that also mean that Dorico can’t use a trill as an expression map trigger? I’m not sure what the proper terminology is here, but hope you follow my question. Basically, can Dorico not recognize a trill as a signal to pass instructions along to a plugin, via an expression map?

It cannot.
“Trill playback is not implemented yet.”

At risk of being pedantic, not being able to play a trill is separate from Dorcio having no knowledge that a note has been designated a trill and not being able to signal a plugin to change articulation.