I’m running Dorico 2.2, having had to recently rebuild my PC operating system (Windows 10) and reinstall Dorico.

Everything seems to be working, except that trills (tr function) don’t play–either in Write or Play modes–although tremelos do. The trill graphics work as advertised. Trills played back in Dorico 2.0 before the rebuild, as I recall. Is there a way I can get trills to play by setting some Dorico option that may not have been properly set in the rebuild?


Look at Play / Playback Options / Trills.

If it is set to “Use samples where possible” and Dorico is trying to use sampled trills, but the MIDI commands in the Expression Maps to play trills don’t match your sample library, they won’t play back.

They should always play with the “Generated trills only” option.

My Play/Playback Options has no Trills option; only Dynamics, Pedal Lines, Repeats, Timecode, Timing, and Tuning. The Timing option does have a Tremelos section, but no mention of trills there or anywhere else.


Hmm… are you sure you are running Dorico 2.2, not 2.0?

Trill playback was a new feature in 2.2. It is described in the Release Notes.

The Trills option should be in between Timing an Tuning in the Playback Options.

You didn’t mention the “Click” option for MIDI recording either - that was also new in 2.2.

“Hmm… are you sure you are running Dorico 2.2, not 2.0?”

Honestly, I’m not sure what I have.

According to About Dorico in Help, I have Version (Sep 13 2018)

In my Downloads>Steinberg>WIN64 I have the folders:

HALion Sonic - 3.2.10 1/2/2019
Content HALion Sonic 3 1/3/2019
Content Update from HALion Sonic 3 -3.1 1/3/2019
Dorico 2.2 Playback 1 HALion Sonic SE 3 1/3/2019
Dorico Playback 1 - HALion Sonic SE 3 12/29/2018
Dorico Playback 2 - Orchestra Library 1/14/2019
Dorico Pro 2 Application Installer 6/20/2018
Dorico Pro 2.2 - Appllication Installer 12/6/2018

This mess of folders comes from having to rebuild everything from scratch over a couple of weeks with much needed help from a couple of Steinberg employees (licensing and activation problems, etc). I admit that at this point I’ve no idea where to go from here without messing up everything that’s working. (I can live awhile longer without trill playback.) There are installer .exe’s in these folders, but I don’t know which one (or ones) to use now and which to get rid of.


Definitely install the final one on that list (Dorico Pro 2.2 Application Installer).

Dorico Pro 2.2 - Appllication Installer 12/6/2018 is the one you want, as pianoleo said.

It shouldn’t mess up the licenses, or the playback sound libraries.

Or you could wait for the “next minor update” which has been mentioned several times recently by Daniel.

Thank you so much, Rob and pianoleo! Installing Dorico Pro 2.2 did the job (as you knew it would).

I know “it’s obvious” that installing Pro 2.2 was the right move…but I’ve been through so many ups and downs these last several weeks to get Dorico running again (some due to my own mistakes) that my nerves were too shot to try any more.

Again, thanks a bunch.


P.S. The trills are trilling.