Trim and Downmix Editor (Dolby Atmos) Question

In the Trim and Downmix Settings for Dolby Atmos, the downmix settings for 5.1 and 2.0 are combined. Why? Is this a Dolby Atmos thing or a Nuendo thing? Is there a workaround, such as editing the metadata manually? How might I do this?

I ask because my music projects are mixed for 5.1 surround already, so the Dolby Atmos downmix settings for 5.1 are ideally -0 dB (no change) in all channels. But that’s not ideal for the 2.0 downmix, which typically requires -3 dB in the Surround channels, give or take.

Furthermore, I have stereo downmixes that are purpose-built for 2.0 and will sound better than any set-and-forget algorithmic downmix. Is there any way to leverage these in my Atmos deliverables?

Any advice is appreciated.

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@david_d ,

For me, you have hit the main mixdown Atmos nerve!
My workflow is similar to yours., where I have separate mixdowns for all formats. The business of relying on Atmos to decide how to fold-up a mix is part Art and magic at best. This has to do mainly with the different implementations codecs between streaming platforms and media.

The majority of my projects are currently distributed through AvidPlay, they require both Stereo and Atmos. However, if I wanted to go the Roku/FireStick/etc route, I have no idea if they support media switching.

I will follow this thread with great interest, please post back if you learn anything.