Trim Automation and VCA tracks bug?

I’m getting strange behaviour when using Trim automation on tracks that are linked to a VCA. Can someone confirm this issue please?

  1. Create 2 audio tracks

  2. Select both tracks and Add a VCA fader

  3. Write some volume automation. Let’s say we write the volume to -6dB

  4. Now engage Trim and move the fader +2dB

As soon as I release the Trim fader at +2dB, it immediately jumps to +4.3dB. When I disengage Trim, instead of being at -4dB (The initial -6dB plus the +2dB of Trim), my audio fader is at -1.7dB. I APPLIED +2dB OF TRIM BUT THE ACTUAL RESULT I GOT WAS +4.3dB

Just to be clear, the problem relates to Trim automation on the audio fader NOT on the VCA fader itself. Trim automation on the VCA fader is working fine.

hi JSQ,

I have the same problem and i’ve made a request to the support. cubase 9.5.30 / OSX 10.12.6

note that there are already topic witch talk about this :

the second link is mine.

People say that there is in fact two bugs. One appaers when VCA fader is set to -inf (and save is made when cursor is after the first automation point), and the other is when there is an automation on the VCA fader, both resulting in wrong volume fader values.

My opinion is that those two bugs are in fine the two side of the same issue.

There is a big probleme with VCA fader, wich is imo the actual workflow for mixing…

I hope I will have some news soon from steinberg about it.