trim automation

I’m very interested in the “trim” automation feature in Nuendo 5. I just can’t seem to get it working. I have it enabled in the automation panel, I believe, but I’m not seeing anything on my tracks that look like what I’m expecting to see.

Any ideas as to what i am doing wrong or need to enable?

as a test, follow these steps.

choose an audio track with regions on it and write some automation using touch mode.
open the lane so you can see what you’ve done.
open the automation panel and select trim mode (touch will still be active)
start at the beginning of the automation pass and write some more… look at the lane to see what it’s doing.

If this worked for you, you’re good to go

If not, report back on what happend

Thanks very much. I did get it going.

Question; is it possible to trim just the cycled area when in stop mode?

sort of like protools?

I don’t think so… other than grabbing the automation points and doing it manually with the mouse.

I put the loop in cycle mode,
on the automation panel select Touch/trim and then select “to loop” double click it so it locks

now the trim you apply in play will get applied to the whole loop.

I set up a macro that will wrap the locators around a region and pad it with 5 frames on either side… just to avoid pops and whatnot

I would just set up a macro to select the automation points and then type in the a new value in the info. Much more accurate than dragging with the mouse.


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Well, I currently don’t use all 48GB; usually around 26-28, but unfortunately it was either 24 or 48, so I had to go with 48.


-Select your range (cycle)
-Set automation to “trim”
-Select “loop” in the automation “Fill” panel
-Select “Preview”
-Adjust the volume
-When you have your desired volume, press “punch”.


That, or just “wheel” the values up and down in the info-field. The relative levels will stay intact. - This is also a good way to move automation fast and clean along the time axis, BTW.