Trim Flow crashes dorico, I cannot delete my final measure. VERY frustrating.

I do not understand why it is so complicated to simply delete the final empty measure. Your “Trim Flow” crashes dorico on two computers I have, making it useless. I have made sure EVERYTHING is deleted from the final measure, and I have made sure no text is attached to the final measure. This is frustrating me a lot because I am trying to finish a piece but I have wasted about an hour just trying to delete the last bar. PLEASE HELP.

The likelihood is
a) there’s a time signature near the end that defines an extra bar (this can happen if you have a pickup bar built into the time signature) OR
b) there’s a dynamic that overhangs the final bar OR
c) there’s a lyric extender that overhangs the final bar - if this project started out as a MusicXML file then said lyric extender may be hidden

You’ll only get a definitive answer if you actually upload the project (or at least a cut-down version of the project that illustrates the problem, as per the guidelines here: Four simple guidelines to help us help you - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

Hope you can help! Thanks in advance.
you star seed 5 - (1.77 MB)

You’re going to have to help me. There’s a load of stuff in the final bar (217, which appears to have some sort of open time signature). What is it you want to delete?

I would like to delete everything in the last bar, I do not need it. Thanks for asking.

Bar 216 appears to be a 2/4 bar, despite the general time signature being 4/4, and then 217 is extremely confused. I fiddled with the time signatures towards the end: I added a 2/4 at bar 216, then cut the ties into 217 (which I’m assuming you didn’t want), then I added a 4/4 time signature which didn’t seem to help, then I used the System Track to delete the end.

This is “fixed”, in that you’ve got what you asked for, but the file smells like a somewhat mouldy MusicXML import, and you’d be wise to look through it carefully - there may be inconsequential bar numbers and goodness knows what else.
you star seed 5 - Copy (1.71 MB)

Arg, sorry but the file you sent says it is an invalid format even when I delete the .zip and replace it with .dorico

That’s because I actually zipped it. Just unzip it.

Sorry, I figured it out. Checking out the file now! Thank you so much, I appreciate your responsiveness!

danielrobertvega, you could try: Split Flow (even if it is just at the final bar), then delete the extra flow in Setup Mode.

This is old news but it still happens from time to time. Split flow and delete flow is the only way that seems to repair it.

It happens when I put a frame break on the final bar line before the next flow. If I move the frame break to the time clef in the next flow all is well.

Is there any point in putting a Break on the final bar line? There’s nothing to break, surely?

This has been discussed to (my) destruction in this thread.

It’s for a page turn in a multi-flow piece. I had missed Daniel’s thread though.

Place it on the first beat of the new Flow, if you haven’t got Frames set to start on a new page anyway.

I tried all the ideas, and none of them worked. What did is to copy all the material in the penultimate bar into the one which refused to be deleted, and then delete the penultimate bar.