Trim Midi Part to fit data

The ability to trim a midi part down to fit its data (i.e. trim the start and end so that it starts with the first midi even t and ends just after the last one) to help keep the project window more focussed and relevant when working with lots of tracks.

Personally I hate midi parts anyway - I much prefer track based editing. When I open the key editor I want to see all the midi data from the track there - not just one part. I don’t understand how using parts is useful in comparison? Perhaps it’s one of those things that was necessary 30 years ago and is now legacy but still used.


That would be a good command to have.

Or, just glue all the parts together, glue tool, alt/opt click on earliest part.

As far as understanding how it’s useful the way it is, just try to imagine workflow scenarios different from yours.

Try this (you could probably make a macro :wink: )…

  1. From the Project window, open the In-Place Editor, and select all the events in the MIDI Part.
  2. Transport menu>Locators>Set Locators to Selection Range.
  3. Close the In-Place Editor, and select the MIDI Part.
  4. Edit menu>Functions>Split Loop.
  5. Delete the empty Part at the beginning and the empty Part at the end :wink:.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for replying. I wasn’t particularly clear there. I have no problem with midi parts in the project window - that’s useful and why I would like to see it refined with the ability to trim.

I’m aware that other people have other workflows, and I certainly wouldn’t expect everyone to be set up the way I am as a TV composer.

I struggle with part concept in the key editor where I can only see the selected part and not the whole track (if I’ve recorded cc auomation in a different pass for example). Yes, I can select all on tracks or glue (but doesn’t help my trim request!) to get this it should be more straightforward than that imo.

It also annoys me when the key editor disappears when I delete a midi part. Maybe this is more of an aesthetic thing where I have my most used windows open in workspaces set up and ready to go … but key editor is dependent on a midi part and can’t be open without one.

I came from Sonar which doesn’t have these issues. It intelligently controls midi parts on the project window (and allows trim) and the key editor is for the track not for the part and doesn’t disappear when there’s no midi part. I switched for other reasons 3-4 years ago and whilst I adapted pretty easily and prefer most things in Cubase some things, including the juggling of midi parts and the disappearing key editor, irritate me on an hourly/daily basis.

I would be interested to know how midi parts are useful in other peoples’ workflow - maybe I’m missing a trick.


I have to agree - I don’t mind opening one midi part to edit in, but I would like easy access to the preceeding and proceeding parts.

I would also like to have an event - say a late snare at the end of the bar - be linked to it’s respective part, but not neccessarily be inside the part. Instead of that annoying dialogue.