Trim MIDI to Part Borders

It would be nice to have a feature where if there are notes extending past the the part borders we could hit a KC and boom! no more “why isn’t that note sounding?” is the track on mute? is the EM working properly? is there controller data effecting the playback? OH!! the note is 1 x 1 millionth outside the part borders.
And that’s just the headaches for the left border. I don’t even want to go into the issues with notes, and there are many, that seem to somehow creep over the right border.

You could create a macro for this.

  1. Open in Key Editor
  2. Select All
  3. Locate Selection Start
  4. Copy
  5. Exit Editor
  6. Delete
  7. Paste


Would also be nice to have a command to extend the borders of the part to the content…

Thanks for that. However I would like to do it from inside the Key Editor. And yes, a function that detects where the content is and shortens or extends the part borders accordingly would be nice.
‘Split Loop’ does the former. Unfortunately there is no function for the latter

If you want to do it from inside the Key Editor, move step 1 below step 7.

“Split Loop” leaves you with two containers that you have to delete manually, so I don’t see the practical application of it…

Screen shot 1 (Split Loop)

A similar function to “Split Loop” is punch in/out. With it, the difference is that you’re not left with parts/events/containers that you have to delete manually.

Screenshot 2 (Punch In/Out)

I have this macro set up with split loop, works terrific.

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Can confirm - the macro in the pic above works perfectly! Was searching for a macro to do this for a while and everything I found online wasn’t working, but yours did!


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Not a problem. I got this from another guy on the Steinberg forum a few years back.