Trim Project w/ Timecode Offset

Hi all,

I do a lot of multitrack recordings of 48-64 channels from live events. When in post, I break out each song or scene into individual sessions for different mixer settings per song. Keeps me sane.

I am wondering if I can do something like set the Locator IN/OUT and trim the project around it, but keep the position of the audio events to the same timecodes. This way, for a song that’s say an hour into a 3 hour project, I don’t have all of that dead air time. The main advantage here is that when I zoom all the way out, I get only what I am editing.


How about this- with the range tool select the range.

Copy that value from “Range Start” in the info line

Paste it into Project Setup>Start

Cubase will ask you if you want to keep the project content at it’s timecode positions?

Say yes.

Of course, I might have completely misunderstood what you asked! :unamused:

Thanks. I figured this out shortly after posting… as usual. This does work… I was copying and pasting the current time display value but I guess the formats are different in that it doesn’t accept the decimal seconds so it wasn’t working correctly.

Seems to work OK.

I wish there was a “Trim Project to Locators” command. This is something that I looked for coming from Adobe After Effects actually.

Hi all,

Revisiting this topic. When I change the project so that start and length are only part of a session, and don’t previously remove things that I am “cutting out”, these events stay in the project even though I can’t see them. Is this normal?

I suppose this could be an option to “Delete non-visible events?” when you do this. I can see how trimming a project only temporarily is useful… but like I said, a select in/out and then crop to locators would be SWEET.

What happened was I had “trimmed” a project but not removed some events because of a folded folder track so I missed some things. When I did a Backup Project, some of the files were unexpectedly huge. So I had to go tinkering.