Trim slience methods

Hi there,
I’m trying to find a good workflow for a situation I am having that requires audio silence detection/trimming.

I know how to run a collection of audio files through the auto silence remove tool.
Is there a way to apply the actual amount that is trimmed to another collection of audio files and trim it without the detection process? In other word, I want to load another batch of audio files of a similar name (from a different mic channel) and trim the silence consistently to the amounts that were auto detected and trimmed from the previous batch of audio files.

Of course I’m going to load in a similar number of files, and their names will be similar.

I’m wondering if there is a way to accomplish this.


To make this clearer - I’m mostly interested to trim the beginnings of audio files based on the silence amount and then superimpose the amount that is trimmed (per file) to another set of audio files of equal count.

If there’s a way to do this, maybe with markers or something of that nature, I would like to know!


I can imagine a way to do so, using markers. But this needs to be done file per file.
Are you interested to know?

Yes please!

  • Generate markers on your noisy file (A), instead of cutting the audio.
  • Use the new WaveLab 9 “Copy/Paste markers” found in the marker window (menu Functions > Copy)
  • Copy the markers from (A) and paste them on the other audio file(s) (put the edit cursor at the 0 position, before pasting).
  • Now use the Auto Split tool, with the function “Cut Head and Tail” with the option “Cut at markers”.

I did not try it, but this should work, if I understood well your case. Please experiment…

Thanks, I will give in a shot. I think you understood what I need to do. But as I am trying this out I wanted to know if there is a way to automate some of the repeated tasks.
So - is there a way I can superimposed markers from a collection of audio files onto a separate collection of audio files considering they have similar naming? Maybe a bulk copy/paste of markers?

That would cut down on the manual labor quite a bit since I’m talking about hundreds of files :slight_smile:


Since markers can be saved as separate text file (.mrk files), then some kind of automation is possible. But it’s up to you to do so with some script tool. Not a small task. And WaveLab has no feature for this.