Triming a already open clip

Maybe i am misssing something here but why is it when i trim a clip in the audio file workspace that is already open in a montage, that same clip loses either its front or end.I then have to manually drag the ofending partion back upon returning to the montage window.why cant Wavelab just redraw the wavform as it is after the edit?

AFAIK, this is to make it clear to the user what effect the edit in the wave window has on the clip. Wavelab shows where the gap appears. I think this is very useful, especially with multiple edits: if WL would just show the new shortened clip you’d be guessing where the edits would have been.

This is only a problem for me because some pluggs need a couple of seconds gap in order to work without clipping the intro,So when when i have an album spaced (in the montage) i might need to do some final limiting of a few tracks which means that i then need to truncate the begining of the tracks ,Can this feature be turned off?

I don’t see what you mean: if you open the audio file that’s behind a certain clip for extra work in the wave editor, how would limiting effect the length of the audio?

The limiter is not relevant,i leave a couple of seconds @ the beginin of files becaiuse i have found that some pluggs need that space to operate without clipping the intro. So the last process before i dither and export the master is trimming the intro. But if this is already open in the montage i then have to pull the front of said file back.
I hope that explains my workflow a bit better.

I see. In that case, why not just leave the time for the plugin to react outside of the, say, CD-track markers in the montage? No need to go to the wave editor at all, that way.

My experince is that when rendering a file with a plugg inn , it needs a couple of seconds of dead air at the begining of the file to garantee that it does not clip the resulting rendered file. This is why i leave trimming the begining of a track until just before dither and export/ burn.
Just to be clear i am mastering with analouge equipment and only using Wavelab to play the source files and sequence the final album.
Can this feature be turned off? Because surely if you have just edited a file you should not need to be remined of where that edit is.

Well that may be true for your workflow but not for everyone’s. When I edit files from a montage I need this indication on the clips because I (and I suspect many others) do the edits first and then assemble the final montage. Without it I would be forced to revisit every clip in the montage before going to the next edit.

Most importantly, this feature can reveal an error: a file was trimmed by error. Imagine you trim a file, and you open a montage that uses it only 1 month after. It’s important to see something was changed in the audio material.

Moreover, there are 2 ways to make the change in the montage: to trim the clip and to move it to the left or not, to keep the original position. WaveLab can’t decide this for the user.

Where is the setting for this?

There is no setting for this. This needs to be done manually by changing the edges of shifting the audio within.

Would it be possible to write script that could turn this feature off maybe for Wavelab 8 ?