Trimming clips

Is there a way to select the inside of a clip with the range tool and hit a key command that deletes the beginning and ending of the clip that is not selected with the range tool? Thanks!

Open the Edit menu/Range/Crop.

Or you can assign a keycommand. It’s called Crop range , in Edit Category.


Follow up question. SORRY! Any way i can select a clip and have it automatically fade in and out of the clip by a predetermined amount? I usually do all this stuff manually. Just trying to speed up my workflow on these big sessions with lots of background vox and stuff. Thanks again!

You can turn on autocrossfades in the options or alternatively highlight both clips and hit X


So I can’t actually see the autofades correct? hmm…Not sure I want that either. But it’s an option. Thanks!

Correct, and that really annoying, until you decide to ignore it :slight_smile: