Trimming recording often leads to accidental track move

I often accidentally move a track when trying to trim it or when trying to use the fade-in/fade-out handles at the start or end of the track. A quick undo fixes it, but it’s still interrupting the workflow. Please adjust the hit points/hit regions for ‘track move’ to start a little further away from the edge.

More detail: I’d like the ‘move track’ region to start about half an inch from the edge. There should probably some provision for recordings that are very narrow on screen, perhaps only allow trim/fade when the zoom level is such that the track is at least one inch wide.

Hope that’s clear!

Hi Pitchy,

Thanks for your message.

What iPad device do you have in use?
And, did you give it a try to extend the height of the tracks, via pinch to zoom above the track list?

Please let me know if this helps regarding the topic!


Thanks for responding! I’m using a first get 12.9" iPad Pro, running the latest Cubasis version. I usually have my tracks at a zoom level high enough that I can still see all track controls (mute, solo, etc), so not especially small.

Trying to grab the fade-in top left corner of a track or the left edge for trimming both cause occasional track moves. Do you know how wide those hitpoints are? And what’s the track-move ‘hitpoint’ area? Are those programmed to be non-overlapping, and is the switchover sufficiently far from the recording edges? Given how hit-or-miss this is for me, some code review for the large iPad Pro might be good!

Thanks for the update, Pitchy.

Using the same iPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen device regularly in the office I did not experience the problem, which does not change the fact that it is an issue for you. I will share and discuss the topic with our engineering.


Thanks! For what it’s worth, there’s at least one user on here who also has this issue, see

Just a thought, would it be easy to set a diagnostic that checks how often people do a small track move followed by an undo action, then followed by a trim of fade-in adjustment? My guess is you’d find quite a few of those event sequences, even if users aren’t reporting this as a problem.

It happens when the tracks are zoomed out.if you zoom in, it’s much easier to control the track.what would be nice is if there was a magnifying icon next to the track name so we could zoom out on single tracks also.that would be lovely

I have exactly the same issue, drives me mad some days :slight_smile:

I’d like to second that…

i do a lot of vocals in cubasis, sometimes I need to trim the start but when I do the whole track moves and it’s hard to get it back in sync,
it’s such a small square that if you don’t get it right that’s it, I’m now using a touch screen pen that is a lot smaller than my finger, :pray:

Glad to see I’m not the only one! Which iPad model are you guys using?

And to @LSlowak, do you know the intended tolerance for finger placement to trim the edge / move the track? It would make sense NOT to move a track if the touch point is within say two finger widths from the edge of the recording, is that how it’s coded?

I’ll add my vote here. I have to UNDO frequently because I quite often make a change I didn’t intend. I added more examples on the “Feature Request” thread.

Hi Lars, given that there’s quite a few people who have this same problem, could you ask the developers to change the “move track” behavior such that it can only be triggered a little closer to the middle of the visible portion of a recording? That shouldn’t cause problems, because I doubt anyone chooses to move a track by grabbing it almost exactly at the track edge!

So: “Please make the trim/fade hit-points larger, and make the move hit-point smaller”. That seems like a simple fix with no downsides that I can tell.