Trip Outs


referring to this post

Can anybody tell if the “trip outs” have been solved in Cubase 10?

I am still on Cubase 9.5.41 and when I add channels the audio playback still keeps interrupting.


It still happens - I don’t think it’s something thats going to go away.

Especially with systems like asio guard which allows us low latency on channels that are currently selected.

I also compared it in current Logic version, does not happen there if you add a new track.
STEINBERG, when are you going to fix this?

Logic does not delay compensate while playing, if you add a heavy plugin on a channel it will play along whiteout any hiccups.
But the track you added the plugin on, will be out of time, until you hit stop. When you hit play again all will be in time again.
I just mentioned it because I have seen Logic users complain that they want delay compensation like in Cubase :slight_smile:

Just add, someone @ Steinberg already have said they are working on eliminating (if possible) and/or reducing this annoyance in the future. It sounded like a major rewrite would have to be done, but they are working on it.