Triple Screen Compatibility

Hi all!

I’m upgrading to a new DAW soon and want to start using 3 screens with Cubase 6. Currently I am working on 2 screens and I have no issues with this whatsover.

Unfortunately I do remember from a long time ago when working with SX 3.xx that having Cubase stretch out over 3 screens did not really work well, as all the stuff from within Cubase you’d put on the third screen would shift back onto 2 screens automatically upon re-opening your project. This is and was not the case when working with 2 screens and without any use of window templates, etc. you can simply save a project and have it all on 2 screens and stay that way when you re-open it.

Now my question is, considering that atm I do not have the option to test Cubase 6 with a third screen, has this problem been solved since Cubase 6 and is it now possible to simply put all your plug-ins, mixer, etc on 3 screens and have it stay exactly like that when you save and open your project?

This would be a great help for me in deciding to get that third screen or not. Thanks!

I have been using 3 screens with Cubase 6 for quite some time now, and it works great. All windows are restored to their saved positions when I re-open a project. My current setup is arrange window on screen 1, mixer/transport on screen 2, and various VST instruments, plug-ins, locators window etc. on screen 3. Go for it! :wink:


Hello Ferruccio,

Please have a look at the attachment of my post. This is a picture of a setup of one of our customers.

There are 4 monitors, but no touch-screens. The idea of the 4 monitors was to create realistic and easily comprehensible vu meter bridge. But the realy good thing when useing 7 different monitors is that you can create your own presets for what is best for the different projects that you work with, I have 3 pci-e video card in my computer, so that each screen works independently. Thanks for making cubase > :slight_smile:



That is really cool Chris, now I want that too :frowning:

Thanks for the replies guys! Now I won’t have to worry about that anymore. Glad Steinberg sorted this out. Working on multiple screens really is great.

What an awewsome setup in the picture by the way! That is simply amazing.