Triple stop notation question

My orchestration professor needs me to notate sustained triple stops in strings like this:

But Dorico is doing this:
Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 8.26.14 PM

Is there a way to do this? Thanks!

Select the bottom note and:

  • Make it a quarter
  • Edit > Notations > Voices > Change Voice > New Up-stem Voice
    (The ties will recombine into single notes)
  • Go to Engrave mode and click the Voice Column Index switch in Properties.
    The index will be 0 by default, which allows the stems to align.

Finally, select the unwanted rests and Edit > Remove Rests.

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Beautiful. Thank you!

You very often need to use force duration on in this sort of case, otherwise Dorico tends to do this (while correct, it’s always annoying!).

I’d be curious to know how force duration works in this case. I tried it first and couldn’t get it to work. The above solution of making two voices did work though.

I always put the lowest notes (the crotchet in this case) in a second voice right from the start. Then shift horizontally which ever needs to be shifted in engrave mode.


Alternatively, give all the notes the same duration, then create a notehead set that only contains the filled black notehead (and uses that for all note durations) and use that notehead for the bottom note only.

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Not for this particular scenario, though, as the upper two notes are dotted.

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Consider using the Voice Column Index instead. That way you don’t have to eyeball it.

One note-when I condensed everything it lost that voice column index and I had to redo it. Thankfully I noticed it.