Triplet and dotted grid in editpr

It seems like it started as an oversight, and is just now an annoying ignored error when designing the editor… You can’t snap to a triplet grid or dotted grid in the editor, so if you quantize a piece of audio in the edit window with 8th note triplet as the time base, when you open editor you will not be able to see the same grid, and therefor not be able to line anything up… hugely annoying

Yes is true, this error is very annoying; you can work positioning the cursor on a grid bar on the project window, and then align the hitpoints with the cursor, but is very annoying and time consuming; another annoying thing that you have to face with audio editing, is when you want to manually move the warp hitpoints(sometimes you have to if you work mostly with audio tracks and not midi or VI tracks), for instance with a drum folder, i want to move only a kick hit and not on the grid but slightly before or slightly after; i can create the hitpoints with the option in the quantize window on all the tracks at the same position of the hitpoint in the kick track; but then i have to manually move all the warp markers for every single drum track(kick in, kick out, snare top, snare bottom, toms etc…) it will be waaay more effective if i can lock all the hitpoints in the folder to one track(let’s say kick drum in) and then when i move the warp marker in that track, all the markers in the other tracks in the same folder moves to the same position where i put the kick marker. I think this feature would be very cool in the next release.

More precisely i found that the grid in editor window is fixed, and shows only 4th,8th,16th notes; also if you want to snap to 32th or 64th comes the troubles; and the snap function in the editor window is very limited; make possible to have the same option of snaps that are in the project window(grid, relative grid, events, magnetic cursor) in the editor window could be a great new feature.