Triplet brackets, or not


I imported a .mid file from Cubase, with lots of triplets. As you can see, some have brackets, some not. It seems that the 3x8ths groups don’t have brackets, and the mixed-note groups do.

Can I have them all looking the same? Actually, I think I’d like no brackets at all for this project.

Thanks for any guidance!

If you have Dorico Pro, you can choose to show tuplet brackets always in Engrave > Engraving Options > Tuplets > Brackets. However, I believe it’s an established convention that tuplets that are fully beamed (that is, all notes in the tuplet are beamed together and/or rests in the tuplet are included in the beam) don’t need to show brackets. (Elaine Gould says this in ‘Behind Bars’, for example.)

Dear jgg,
There are some Engraving rules… But if you don’t care about them, you can filter select all the tuplets and make sure, in the properties panel, that they both show brackets and numbers.

Some other Gould reference…

Thanks @Lillie_Harris and @MarcLarcher.

I should have searched further, I was looking for “triplets”, but yes, the answer is in the more generic “tuplets” of Engraving Options. I was able to do exactly what I wanted, because of the various options for brackets and hiding.

I bow to the notation conventions, of course. It’s just that, in this particular case, those triplets occur all the way through, in every bar. At first sight it looked unnecessarily cluttered. So I took advantage of Dorico’s options to hide them after the first few instances, and I’m happy with that.

So I guess that in this case, I nod to the conventions rather than do a complete bow. :slight_smile: I’m very happy that Dorico gives me that option.

Great software, fabulous community, thanks again!