Triplet/dotted grid snap in audio editor [Achieved]



It’s the same old curmudgeon once again… I assume this still hasn’t been addressed in 10.5, right?

…but people will hardly notice because they’re too busy changing mixer colours like mad! Projects around the galaxy will be colour coded like never before and us, the half-dozen mortals who use triplets and dotted notes in our songwriting will go on in pain (yes, literal physical pain from so much unnecessary mousing around whenever a 12/8 song emerges just to destroy our tendons and render our patience and tolerance to absolute misery).

Disregarding all that, I’m skipping the 10.5 for now but I’m really looking forward to that improved import tracks feature.

THIS +10000!!! There really is nothing more frustrating than only having half the toolset required to do a satisifactory job in a pro app!


I feel like I should finally change my DAW everytime I get to warp vocals with triplets. Honestly can’t believe it’s still a problem.
Please Steinberg, this simple fix would save us hours of work.

Seems like this is requested often but never done. I would think it would be quite simple to do but I’m not a programmer.

+1. It does frustrate that stuff like this goes unaddressed for so long. I think that one day, steinberg should do a 0.5 update that doesnt introduce any new features but is just a housekeeping sweep through the entire program to tighten things like this up. Last few updates made decent progress, but still a way to go.
It often just feels a bit clunky and held together with tape compared to Ableton. (Still lots I love about Cubae over Ableton though!)

+1 Feels like groundhog day…

Hi, I´ve being asking for this for the last 2 versions and… notihing.
Maybe we can ask the acoustic musicians and singers: - “Please, avoid triplets, it´s Cubase, sorry…”

+1 it’s such as basic function I assumed I was just not able to find it. It would be great if Steinberg could address this, there has been a lot of requests across the various threads for quite some time.


I run in to this problem all the time.

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I have just found out that it wasn’t me who couldn’t figure how to do this.

Yes, my friends, Cubase ELEVEN STILL doesn’t have this very, very, oh so very basic feature.

Sometimes I believe I wasn’t thinking straight when I decided to buy this DAW…

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Bump this it’s a no brainer really

This is a major issue - it has been buggin me for ages! How comes such a basic feature is not available?? I need it all the time and it`s drivin me crazy :crazy_face:

All time-align-related midi posibilities should be in a sample editor too
Including Global tracks

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I need the grid of the sample editor to display triplets. Why is it different from the project grid?
Also, would be useful for everyone on this thread to VOTE this! There only 3 votes!

Also, would be useful for everyone on this thread to VOTE this! There only 3 votes!

There’s another newer thread on this topic that currently have 19 votes. You’d be better off adding votes there and not spreading them out.

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Achieved with Cubase 12.

Please remove your votes.