Triplet/dotted grid snap in audio editors - [Achieved]

+1 I can use this all the time

Yes, please. I’d use that all the time. :slight_smile:

Still not addressed in 11.0.20.


Yes, please Steinberg, help me drop PT definitely. :joy:

Put your backs into it! :smile:

kind regards

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This is an essential feature which is missing from several versions of Cubase. Please Steinberg, give us this in Cubase 11.5.




Still not addressed in 11.0.30.

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+1. It feels like its an iterative, evolutional feature but its not happened yet.

I impatiently await the day that Cubase has audio alignment options in the sampler window like those in the Midi piano roll window.

I need to see a triplet grid while editing!

Hey guys, please vote on the top of the thread. It’s the only way to call to attention effectively. Thanks.

Please! Super need this!

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Still not addressed in 11.0.40.

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Hopefully this will be implemented by 11.5

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We need this!

Yes, totally agree! So, +1!

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Hi, please vote on the top of the thread. +1 doesn’t do the job anymore. Thanks :slight_smile:

Still not addressed in 11.0.41.

Please vote on the top of this thread. Thanks.

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Started a thread about it some 4 years ago or so… very weird that this hasn’t been implemented yet.