Triplet/dotted grid snap in audio editors - [Achieved]

This is one of the highest voted for features, if this don’t happen the voting feature is completely in vain.


To make everybody’s life a bit easier while the wait continues, you can use this workaround if you need to quantize audio on AudioWarp and miss the grid and/or grid snapping for triplet/dotted notes.

01 - Create a MIDI/Instrument click track (use a drum/percussion VSTi) and draw the rhythmic pattern you need - in this case, eight bars of 1/8T:

02 - Then perform Render In Place for that section:

03 - Which will give you an audio click track. Now, select both that piece of audio click and the audio event you want to edit, and double-click any of them:

04 - Et voilà, now you have a visible representation of triplets to guide you. Make sure to select the audio event you want to edit on the dropdown menu above to bring it forward.


Great work around. Thank you!

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This is a great idea.
I tend to find myself having to adjust the timing on renders from Hardware synths and not having a decent grid is a pain.

This workaround will do the trick for now, but hopefully this feature is added.

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Well, there’s a video with Dom showing the new audiowarp features on C12 and apparently there’s new quantizing presets on the editor along with the ability to audiowarp directly on the project window, including multitrack-phase-coherent audiowarping.

I think this issue is solved! It’s hard to feel extremely grateful after such a long wait but good job nevertheless.

Thanks guys, this case is closed :slight_smile:

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Proof please, not assumptions. Which video at what time? I don’t see it.

Hahaha…It’s there. Check the video on AudioWarp improvements.


Taken from the release notes:
“The grid in the Sample Editor can now be set to the global Quantize settings allowing to set the grid to triplets, for example.”

And in Dom’s video you can clearly see that the grid quantize dropdown menus in the audiowarp editor are now exactly the same as the ones in the project window.

But fear not, I’ll be upgrading in the near future. In case it doesn’t work, I’ll be the first guy showing up here to reopen this thread again :slight_smile:


Your image is showing it quantized to 1/16 so, what is up with that?


Right on! Now that this feature is wonderfully implemented in Cubase 12, how about we closed this thread so that we get those votes back to use them elsewhere? And put some nice stamp on the title like “Fulfilled!” “Done!” “Piece of cake!” “We lost many weekends over this…” etc. :laughing:

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Have you tried to remove your votes? Click on the vote number - I don’t remember whether it works, and can’t test due to my permissions.

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I just removed my vote. It allowed me, no problem.

Last time I read about voting in Discourse, not recently I admit, it said that when a thread closes, all votes are automatically returned to the voters. So I thought it would be easier from a housekeeping perspective to just close the thread. I don’t know if the thread keeps the number of votes upon closing on display, for posterity.

But you’re probably right. I wouldn’t risk 56 votes going down the drain if it doesn’t work this way.

I gladly got my vote back!

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It’s too soon to close this though, people might want to say thank you. :wink:



Not me @Manike! Steinberg!

Thanks Steinberg! :100:

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Wow, finally… Sadly, I’m not coming back to Cubase any time soon. This is too little too late. I’ll keep enjoying Reaper for now. But it’s nice to know that Steinberg takes triplets in the audio editor seriously enough to implement them in V12. Better late then never I guess.