Triplet entry

When you are in Write mode and you hit your tuplet shortcut, I wonder if it could default to ‘3’. This is surely the most common tuplet…At present, you have to hit 3 and then enter, and then input your notes. If you wanted a different tuplet, then fair enough, you would punch in your new value over the ‘3’ that’s already there, but to keep having to punch in ‘3’ for a triplet each time seems an unnecessary extra step. Alternatively, there could be a separate key command available just for the entry of a triplet.

Funnily enough, when you are not in Write mode and you hit your tuplet shortcut, it does default to 3:2, which is your common triplet of course. I guess I’m asking for this to be the same in Write mode.

There can be a separate shortcut for entering specifically triplets, if you can bring yourself to do a little hackery on your keycommands JSON. See this thread, for instance.

Thanks! It worked…Very useful!