Triplet grid when using Audio Warp

When using Free Warp in the Sample Editor in C7.5, I don’t seem to be able to get the background grid to display as triplets making it sometimes tricky to line things up.

Am I missing something?


No, unfortunately, there is only the “straight” option.

Thanks, glad to know it’s not just me being dim. Of course it’s possible to use the Audio Warp quantize function rather than free warp to line up triplets. But it would be still be nice to see a triplet grid sometimes as there are occasions where you don’t actually want to quantise, but just see the metre grid to work with!


I don’t understand how Cubase can be so full of features and yet miss out on some basic functionalities. If I want a particular track to have a 12/8 feel on top of a 4/4 back beat I can’t even set a grid to make my adjustments. It makes using Audio Warp extremely frustrating at times. The kind of basic stuff that could end up having me switch DAW eventually. I mean come on, stop putting more and more useless features and fix the important ones already!


Come on Steinberg!!! This should be easy!!!

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You are wrong! thats not too easy
They working on it almost 5 years already!


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Still don’t get why it’s not yet possible to do this in 2021…
On the other hand the pitch bend MIDI controller was only fixed last year with the last version and finally allowed to target and snap to semitones rather than whatever non-sense value there was before, so I’m not surprised, but still it’s frustrating…


Happy christmas and happy new year !