Triplet in Cubase MIDI file doesn't import as expected in Dorico

Windows 10 Pro
Cubase Pro 11.0.0
Dorico SE 3.5

I have a MIDI file I’ve created in Cubase that contains eighth note triplets. They are quantized as such and look as expected in Cubase’s Score Editor. However, if I import into Dorico the triplets show up as:


It plays back in Dorico as written and not sounding like a triplet.

I’ve tried different quantize and tuplet settings on import but can’t get it right.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Did you input as MIDI or XML?
XML would likely be better.

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Thanks for the quick reply! XML seemed to help the triplets, but…


I’ve done this process many times before (with MIDI), but recently got a new computer. All fresh program installs. Is there a setting to free the notes from the chains that bind them between clefs? LOL

You need to set up Polyphonic Voicing in Cubase before you export as MusicXML.

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Yep. That did it. Had it set for split voicing. Thanks so much!


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