Triplet issue

If I create a triplet on the last beat of a 2/4 bar using the keyboard shortcuts another triplet appears at the beginning of the next bar and it cannot be deleted without deleting the previous triplet.
If I create the triplet in the same place by using the toolbox it works perfectly.
But as far as I can see the toolbox can only create triplets and not more complex tuplets that I need sometimes.

i am sure I am missing something…again!


Did you choose eight-note before you use the triplet shortcuts?

Yes indeed.

This has me confused as it seems serious but no-one else has commented on it.

Dear Rossy,
As usual, if you can provide a minimal example file, it will allow the devs to have a look at what is wrong. I admit I thought you did not choose the right rhythmical value before you invoked the tuplets popover (it has happened to all of us once or twice…)

Rossy, what are you typing into the popover?