Triplet or swing grid when free warping?

I would love to see grid options in free warp mode. Right now it is impossible to warp audio to triplets or swing.

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I’ve been asking for this for years. It’s a most frustrating omission.

I am an ‘every now and then user’, namely hobby musician. I ran into the same, looking two hours for a solution. Reading manual, how-to videos, etc… Always thinking I am too stupid to find it. Then finding a couple of threads in this forum and seeing that this is requested for so long time has brought me really down and I am so angry now and I am tired of recoring my music today.

I finally bought C11 Pro last year, because I just wanted to have a working DAW without limitations (I had many moments where I read in the manual ‘only in Cubase Pro’). I thought I was fine with it, but I keep hitting these basic issues.

I speak open: Cubase is not a newcomer app, it is a full blown professional Software, so this not an issue, it is a bug!
Steinberg , please fix it and deliver a fix for some versions backwards.

This is currently the second most voted feature request. Please vote here: