Triplet Switch on/off key command


How to toggle on and off the triplet field that you find on the left side in write mode. (the symbol with a three note tuplet)
I use the semicolon, which activates an input field. I would like to avoid that and just toggle this switch with a key command…


Colon ends triplet input.


Dear byxx,
Your request is not valid, because if it were, you could not nest tuplets. I understand you want to be more efficient, but you have to understand why what you’re asking for is not what is implemented and why.
Unlike other notation software, Dorico’s tuplets are mathematically perfect. This is why you can use them without problems to “fake” perfectly synchronous meters (12/8 vs 4/4 or 3/4 on independent meters) or nest complicated tuplets. Nevertheless, some optmization has been made : if you invoke the tuplets popover and type 3, you’ll get a triplet without having to input the whole 3:2 of 3:2e.
You can use macros if you need something more complicated.
Hope it helps!

Semicolon to turn on a triplet; SHIFT semicolon to turn off. As Marc says, that way you can nest triplets inside one another.

(Same with slurs: S to turn on, SHIFT S to turn off; for the same reason.)

It’s not a toggle, but you can certainly reprogram this to be whatever you want. I basically never want my hand to leave the numpad when inputting so I have numpad 1 programmed to start a tuplet and numpad 2 to turn it off. 1 - 3 - Enter - 2 is pretty fast for a single tuplet and my hand doesn’t have to leave the numpad.

(Yes numpad 2 was originally 64ths I think, but I virtually never have 64ths and I have tuplets all the time.)

My preferred way to turn off the tuplet is to press the right arrow, then the left arrow - it moves the cursor and then moves it back, but the tuplet stickiness is broken.

Thx very much for the answers!! Okay. I think there will not be a toggle, right. I can only find one and only key command (the one whichis the semicolon). For me it makes sense what MarcLarcher refers to as it seems not to be possible to nest tuplets otherwise. Maybe its a thing to implement a function which is one single key press in the future for at least the triplets as these occur constantly. i hope I got it right, that you have to fill in the pop up for a tuplet each time. If there is another chance please let me know. I can achieve it with a single klick onto the tuplet field, of course. So the point of my quest is to just have a key command for that mouse click.

Again: THX so much to you all!!

I reversed the key commands for Create Tuplet and End Tuplet Input. Because so many of Dorico’s commands for popovers and important functions use Shift+Letter it makes more sense to me to initiate the task with Shift+; (:), and then when I’m done it feels like less effort to turn the behavior off without the Shift key.