Triplets and ties

Using Cubase 8:
When I have 8th note triplets, and two of them are next to each other, and I glue the last note of first one to the first note of the second one, it makes the result a quarter note and extend the triplet bracket over the first two 8th notes, the middle quarter note, and the last two 8th notes. How can I make it display two triplets with a tie between the last and first notes?


Could you share a screenshots before and after, please?

See Before Tie file. I used the glue tool to tie the F’s together in the middle. What I want is the same triplet display with a tie between the F’s. Instead, I have what the After Tie file shows: Something which possibly could be understood, but is not theoretically clear and simple.
I already tried playing with the syncopation controls and it didn’t help.
After tie.tiff (27.2 KB)
Before Tie.tiff (26.3 KB)


I’m sorry, I haven’t found a way. I would expect, I can set up the size of the grouped notes under the beam, but I haven’t found it.