Triplets in score cubase 9.02 weird behaviour

I am working on a piece with triplets and noticed that Cubase wrongly interprets triplets in the score editor. You can replicate it yourself: create a triplet on the first beat of the bar and then quantize on 8T like i did in bar 13 (see attachment). It will not interpret the first 8th triplet as a triplet but only the two next. Only when I make the first note longer than a 8th triplet it will interpret the note correctly What is going on here?

I don’t know what makes this happen, but if you haven’t yet tried setting the rests to 8ths in the Display Quantize dialog, that might fix it.

If not, just a stab in the the dark, what do the Score Settings look like for that staff?

Thanks Steve, I thought I tried setting the rests to 8th T as well, it didn’t work then but now it works. Still haven’t figured out why it now matters to set the rests to triplets as well as it did not matter before.

Not to 8th triplets, but to any value larger than the rest that appeared. I usually set rests to quarter notes, this seems to keep things clean- Cubase tries to lengthen the note that precedes the rest to cover it.