Triplets in Score for No Reason

Hi, working with Cubase 11.5, I have a recurring problem with triplets on notes that shouldn’t be there. In the screen grab you see the same 5/8 bar in piano roll and in score. The top 3 instruments are all quantitized exactly the same, in position and length, yet only the top instrument is correct in the score. In instrument 2 and 3 there are triplet subdivisions that don’t exist. I do have “clean lengths” and “no overlaps” checked in the score settings. Any ideas? I export to Dorico for the nice layout, but then there’s a lot of needless correction work.


Double-check the Display Quantize of the Score Editor, please.

There must be a difference between them that you haven’t noticed.

Show us the Score Settings dialog with one of the wrong staves selected.


Yes indeed, that was spot on. First track was set to 64th note resolution, the other two to 32nd notes. Which theoretically shouldn’t have made a difference because there are only 32nd notes in those bars, but whatever…it solved the problem, so thanks a bundle!