Triplets in tablature do not disappear after unchecking "show rhythms in tablature"

Using Dorico 5.1.32, when I check and then uncheck “Show rhythms in tablature”, any tuplet indicator persists with their bracket, if it has one.

I can confirm that behaviour.
A workaround is to select the unwanted tuplet number, press Delete (or use Cut) and then Undo.
WARNING! Because the Delete/Cut operation turns the tuplet into normal length notes, it will affect anything which is immediately after the tuplet. Turning on Insert mode first will probably shift those following notes rather than overwriting them. Don’t forget to turn Insert mode off.

It looks if you edit the measure where there is a tuplet, even if it’s not the tuplet itself, Dorico erases tuplets in that measure, but not in the others. Also, adding or removing a player gets rid of the tuplets.

I can reproduce this, thanks - I’ll log it for one of the developers to look at. The problem will go away if you save, close and reopen the project - it’s a problem with keeping the score display up to date.