Triplets in XML vs Midi import

I’m puzzled by the fact that when I export from a very old Logic song as XML and Midi the midi file imported into Dorico has triplets whereas the XML file (that is better in other ways) has dotted eights-sixteens? I cannot see any option to address this in the Dorico settings. Anybody knows why and how to better the import?

Dorico definitely imports tuplets if they are in the MusicXML file. (The attachment is an XML file from Sibelius).

I guess the file must be quantized somehow in Logic before the MusicXML is written.

If you attach the MusicXML file it is easy to check if it actually contains triplets or not.

Yes, of course. I checked in play mode and found that they were indeed dotted 8-16.
Opening the file in Logic I saw from the piano roll that I had recorded the input playing triplets but the score had 16-quantification.
Puzzle solved.
Thank you Rob.