Triplets problem

Hi everybody,
if I want to enter a triplet on the last semiquaver as a 2nd voice, the “cursor” (Einfügemarke) always jumps back to the note before…
Can anybody help or is it a topic for further updates?



Can you tell us the steps you are taking to create that triplet?
Also Dorico version & OS type and version.

1st step:
I created 2 voices via V
2nd step:
I chose the last semiquaver by mouse
Carot moved to the semiquaver before…
Ads long as I mark the last semiquaver, I can’t change voices!
It may be important that I tried to do it in an “open bar” (Shift M X) in Beethovens 5th Piano Concerto.

You created a second voice via SHIFT+V, right? V alone will only switch between existing voices.


I put the starting notes into the 2nd (lower voice) for convenience sake. Did you really want triplet 16ths (semiquavers) on the final sixteenth of your lower voice or triplet 32nds (demisemiquavers)?

Yes, I did so…