Hi, This is my band…

Entire album was recorded and mixed in cubase essential 5… With money made from CD sales at gigs, I upgraded to cubase 6 full.

Enjoy. (I’m the Bass/Keys/B.Vs).


p.s I have been a recordist/mixer as a hobby for many years, the above link was my first project fully ‘in the box’.

Good work Dave. Nice selection of songs. Get yer marketing hat on, time to sell :sunglasses:
Best of luck

Thank you :smiley:

Promotion is my weak piont, I’ll leave that up to the drummer :astonished:

I was browsing the net while your album was playing. This is very neatly done. Nice to see such results all made with
essentials. All the reverbs, compressors etc were the Cubase ones?

The song Siren really stands out. I would put that as the first one, so you can draw in the listener. The first one is not the strongest, more an album filler.

Good Job!

Greetz Dylan.

Good stuff guys! :slight_smile:
The only thing that bugged me was the vocal… really low in the mix to the point where I could barely make out any of the lyrics :confused:

Very nice, thoroughly enjoying it so far!

Well recorded and mixed. Thanks for pointing us to it. I like it.

Thanks for all the kind words!!!

I used ozone 4 for mastering, and most of the verbs were lexicon, but now I have C6, reverence is sounding pretty good to my ears!!!

I can’t do much about the low vocals now :frowning: Its in the can, plus I got voted 2 agianst 1 to not have the promenent in the mix, the drummer & gat/vox man wanted more emphisis on the noises and instrumentation.


Yeah, there does seem to be those in the rock world that like to bury the vocals and I certainly know several folks that like their mixes that way. I don’t really get it myself - if you’re singing then you should be heard and understood! - otherwise why sing? Might as well be an instrumental! :laughing: Anyway, each to their own. Still good tracks, just have to read the lyrics instead that’s all :wink: